These five home improvements will increase the value of your property.

Are you thinking about selling your home and need to know how to get it in good condition? Today, I’m here to talk to you about five home improvements that guarantee to increase your home’s value:

1. Paint. A fresh coat of paint makes the home feel so clean. You may think it’s a lot of work, and that buyers will probably repaint it to the color they want. However, I can help you pick out a great color that is sure to please any buyer. Making a house feel more move-in-ready is key.

2. Flooring. This is also very important. You may just need to have your carpets cleaned, or maybe refinish your hardwood floors. It depends on what you currently have in your home. I can help you evaluate your flooring and make the recommendations that will be best for you.

“These improvements will significantly increase your home’s value.”

3. Bathroom updates. Installing a new vanity, updating your tile, updating your light fixtures, and working on your faucets can make your bathroom look new and increase the value of your home.

4. Curb appeal. The exterior is a buyer’s first impression as they enter your home. Make sure there’s no peeling paint, give your front door a fresh coat of paint, sweep away the cobwebs, and trim the bushes and trees.

5. Kitchen updates. New countertops, painting your cabinets, and freshening up your appliances can bring your kitchen to life and will add a ton of value to your home.