From Deployment To Dream Home: A Military Family’s Virtual House Hunt Success Story

The house-hunting experience of a client who’s on active duty.

Today, I’m sharing an interview with a client who’s actively serving in the military. He’ll talk about his home-buying journey and what it was like to work with me.

When he first began his search for a house, he couldn’t physically be there to check it out. He received his orders right before Christmas, and at that point, the destination remained uncertain. The decision regarding whether to rent or buy a home was still pending, prompting him to turn to online resources for guidance.

As a family of five accustomed to a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house, their aim was to secure a similar living space. After conducting thorough financial assessments, they ultimately decided to pursue homeownership and subsequently connected with a national service specializing in aiding military personnel during relocations.

Over the past few months leading up to our move, they went through the pre-approval process. The next step was to find a suitable house in the area. Surprisingly, their entire house hunt happened virtually through FaceTime. This was a new experience for them. Although they’ve owned homes in the past, this was the first time we were doing everything online.

“Whether it’s military-related or a local relocation, I’m here to help you make the process incredibly smooth.”

They identified a few neighborhoods that seemed promising for their daily commute and scheduled showings for several houses. Instead of physically being present, they relied on FaceTime to tour these homes.

It was a unique way to get a feel for the properties, and his wife seemed to have a clearer vision of what she wanted than he did. Each house had its pros and cons, but overall, they enjoyed the process. Some days were challenging, especially when they made an offer on one house but didn’t secure it.

Starting over was a bit nerve-wracking, but his wife reassured him that they would find the right place. Given the long-distance move from Maine to Minnesota, it was essential to make sure their family was taken care of.

The transition was significant, and unlike previous moves where they had a better sense of the house, this time, it felt like stepping into the unknown.

He deeply appreciates my support throughout their home-buying journey. Relocating military families is a substantial responsibility, and I took it seriously. Whether it’s military-related or a local relocation, I’m here to help you make the process incredibly smooth. If you need help with your real estate move or have any questions about your buying or selling goals, call or email me. I’m always happy to help.

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